It's HOT!

3 white duck at the pond in hot summer's day
let's swim 02

Yesterday, what a sunny weather for me to act : Ping Shan Heritage Trail. 
Well, obviously it was a visit for the traditional Chinese architecture, a village mainly developed by the Tang's generation at Hong Kong in the 12th Century.

The temperature was over 30 degree C, there were merely people around. I was attracted by the the reflection of a pond nearby, while I was focusing thru' my viewfinder;  a few school boys passed by and said "hello" to me, followed by some very noisy "UFO" language that I couldn't classify until three of them appeared into my screen range.

After a vigorous discussion, they had decided to cool down in the pond...enjoy!

let's swim 01
This immediately reminded me another scene, well, actually to call it as "set" may be more appropriate - when I was visited the Wet Land Park at Hong Kong in February this year.

Same hot day,  tranquil pond, three of them...relaxing!
if only if you can imaging :)


To Kill A Mocking Bird

book cover of To Kill a mocking bird
To Kill A Mocking Bird
"Mockingbirds don't do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They don't eat up people's gardens, don't nest in corncribs, they don't do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That's why it's a sin to kill a mockingbird." (from Chapter 10)
Each time when I've hanging around in a book store, I will come across this little book, and every time I have to leave it behind cos' my quota only allows me to grab others; but this year, I've decided to get it.

To those who study Literature is for sure, will be familiar with it, right? But not me, I don't have the idea of what it's related to and why it is a famous American Classic! That's why I want to read it and find out the answer myself.

The first few chapters makes me feel that I am entering 3 kid's world (Scout/ Dill/ Jem)  in a small town call Maycomb. They live with their lawyer father Atticus, who looks a bit emotionless ; and a black maid Calpurnia.

School life, teacher, classmate, neighborhood...every thing happens day by day as usual together with a routine adventure of tracing the mysterious Boo Radley; not until these kid facing the real life of mercy, humanity, death, races, unfair, righteousness......they are actually grown up under Atticus's role model and love.

They are kids, helping us to view in the angle of purity which we had once before. We may not intend to but kill a mockingbird while achieving our goal somehow. In this book, you will discover those "mockingbird", they are really touching and inspiring; hopefully we can all find those in our real life and treasure them with our greatest effort. 

P.S.: highly recommend to read it :)