Mysterious case of missing book cover image on Amazon KDP...finally solved!

 Hi, Hi!

After spending a whole month, all books of the Petit Paris Series were finally ready on Amazon; using extra time on this platform was expected, which has already listed all the timelines required for each processing stage, you just need to add a bit of extra, or another extra time for the things done.

I was facing the problem of missing book cover images in the store after the books were alive a month ago, so I contacted the staff and sorted out some of the possible causes that might implied. One of the obvious possibilities was the RGB color profile that had to be used instead of sRGB. 

But strange enough, the first and the only cover of Book One had no problem at all in its sRGB profile. I tried to convert all the others to upload again but hopeless.

I used .tiff file instead of .jpeg to reserve the details, which should be acceptable within 50M and what I had submitted was around 20M. If the first cover had no problem, then why should the other had?

It seemed there was no clue to solve this issue, the only possible way was to add the cover images in the A+ content but truly speaking, it's not a good idea in long term. So, I decided to leave my desk & went out for a walk. 

This is always a good advice to those who are stuck in problems, and most likely can be solved after a reboot...of our mind!

When I returned home, I reviewed all the files again and finally discovered something, there were two choices of tiff-8 & tiff-16, I selected 16bit, the same reason to reserve details while it didn't exceed the file size limit. But, 'Why not have a try?' I told myself, so I changed four covers into tiff-8 instead...

Volià! Problem solved within an hour. So why is there are conflict in file sizes? and why didn't Book One in sRGB, tiff-16 face any problems? 

I'm afraid there will never be an answer from me or Amazon, but no matter how, I can finally settle my headache and move on. Happy publishing!