Connected or disconnected ?

cable pole in Tokyo
Each time when I've visited Japan and saw these cable pole, I will take a break to look for the greatest angle of perspective view that can be found along the street. I love the rhythm of wire connected pole one after another till to the far end and all disappear in a single vanishing point.

I will imagine they are peoples appear in different period of my life; at that moment, we are connected, their existing become the ripples of my lake, and therefore my life was built eventually. One day when I still think we are connected, part of them were disconnected sometime someday in silence. 

My friend said : let go, it used to be happened in each of us; nothing has to regret, it's just a natural phenomenon.

Yes, it's true, I accepted and continue to walk, I once again look at my picture, the perspective is still as beautiful as before, even some of the cables are disconnected, they did take part to create this amazing scenery in their moment of connecting, that is life; a never ending connection to all people who once bring you joy or sad.


Patrice said...

Interesting analogy - of cables wires connectivity and our own. I never thought of it that way.

protoworkannie said...

Thanks and hope you enjoy :)

wasaweb.net said...

Nice post and this makes you think. You're right: those cables are like our lives. We have so many connections, but they are complicated, and sometimes we lose ourselves in it. Even worse, we sometimes forget that we're connected to other people.

protoworkannie said...

Sorry, let me type once again. I always have confusion to "life" and "live", O.K. I check in my dictionary and know it's a matter of plural or single word.

Thanks wasaweb.I think almost 1/5 of my cables were malfunction......I guess :(

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