Super Moon?!

a girl & a sleepy cat under the super moon
Super moon = super power =  super disaster...do you believe? or like me, absolutely not!

Sometimes we blame a lot to others when we face difficulties, especially to the nature, but the fact is, most of the reasons are due to human ourselves; our desire of political power, money,  name of famous, power of conquer...what we built may not what we actually need. "Need", something required for survive only, is that so complicated? I doubt.

We can't stop the continue growth of technology, or the living quality that we are enjoying, but we can take a break, think and review again to see if we can start repairing the faults that  we've already made to our planet, and to our life. Take a break from our unlimited desire, that is never worth to be paid by our next generations.

There is no super power from the mysterious space but from us, the power to destroy everything within seconds if we don't control it.