A Whisper of May

wooden flamingo display inside a glass cabinet

"Hey, is that you, pink bird?"

"No, no."
"I 've heard someone talking; is that you?"
"We don't speak until dawn...well, if you are not asking!"

"Is that girl in front of us? what is the time now?... 9:30 already, she should be somewhere in the hotel spa or bar,or bed, why is she here?"
"It seems she miss us a lot ?!"

Almost 10 years, I've not been visited these little guys so long, I miss you all so much, how are you? Can still survive in this "last resort"? the last piece of tranquility in Macau? Please stay, don't give up even I know there will be a casino here very soon...Bye!

"Hey, she's left!"

"Can't anyone hear what she said?"

"No, no! but I know she will be back someday if only if we are still here."