Next move...

Afternoon sun ray reflects the beauty on train station platform
These days, I move from one place to another, not only the place I lived, but also the place I worked. I am leaving the crowd, the groups of well known, the trend, the "network"... bird song replace traffic roar, wind breeze replace air conditioning, aroma of grass field replace ladies perfume, warmth touch of the sun replace halogen spots...just by chance, to take a break from melting into the "current flow", how lucky I am.

I bring along with my aged ishuffle and all my working document, catch the train / bus, listen to my favorite songs, hour after hours, traveling towards my working site; looking outside from window, it is so quiet & so peaceful, time freeze? - what a big contrast to my past working pace, how come?

Change - can bring you something out of your expectation, whether you want it or not, it can be a challenge, or a "dream" comes true. It seems my recent change brings me more time to think, to think deep, no hurry, no deadline. To me, I definitely need this refreshment before my next move, how about you?