Farewell to Restaurant City

Restaurant City is going to close in the coming June, a lot of 'fans" feel disappointed or a little anger because they put so much effort into it, to build their dream cafe; some may even pay cash to buy their favor items.

I've checked my post and there was one in Mar 2010 "No risk no gain?"  talking about this game which I did enjoy playing with some more reason behind.

Now it comes to an end and what we've got finally?

Same piece of virtually land gives you the flexibility to build your favor moment...in the side walk cafe? at a busy night market? enjoy a big meal in a small Japanese inn? a never ending party in an icy cold castle? Lots of imaginations you can have.

If you told me that you've learned the clue to create your own cafe business, or how to fine tune your buying behavior, or how to make good use of your time avoid being a RC addict...congratulations.

To me, it's simply joy : because I love to layout, especially with such beautiful elements that the team created + Dream - the energy source in our life.  

Thank you! Restaurant City :)

Spring - a nap at the pool side cafe of Hyatt Regency Macau

Summer - have a Tong Yum Kong at twilight moment in Phuket town

Autumn - enjoy an onsen spa in a Ryokan
Winter - 24/7 Halloween+Christmas party

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