Sherlock Holmes

TV series of SherlockPoster of Sherlock Holmes moviebookcover of original Sherlock Holmes

If I am talking about Sherlock Holmes, which scenario will appear in your head? this one? this one or that one? It's interesting to have these three pictures right in front showing the different presentation of Sherlock Holmes in different ages. 

The one on the left is a recent T.V. show of this famous novel, cool + freak  Sherlock (by Benedict Cumberbatch) with mature + calm Dr. Watson (by Martin Freeman). Carriage in the past replaced by taxi, telex become SMS, home made laboratory finally got an official one. And the most fresh performance is both of them are younger in age.

The second one is a movie, Sherlock's (by Robert Downey) character is exaggerated a bit, more romance and psychiatric, together with decent + reliable Watson (by Judy Law); more dramatic approach, scene of excitement every minutes.

Well, the last one is the original detective fiction, usually comes into two volumes, sometimes four, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the first story was written in 1887, A STUDY IN SCARLET. Most of the adventures were told as a record by Dr. Watson, an injured, retired soldier who shared Sherlock's flat in 221B, Baker Street in England. He was greatly attracted by Sherlock's weird character, his intelligent, the special deduction method which solved lots of mystery cases for his client. 

From a stranger to a room mate, then an assistance to the best friend that Sherlock can put his life into his hand. This, is the core that connects everything in the novel and best of all, whether the T.V. or the movie version, this message is clearly delivered. 

Whether you like a more subtle classical expression, or a more dynamic / modern way, Sherlock Holmes is for sure the master of private detective that worth to read.