Christmas is coming......

colorful lightbulb chain at night
It's almost a months time of my sudden "break", although things haven't been settled yet, God give us comfort and angels around...see? Christmas is coming again......

Christmas tree, sparkling decoration, heart touching gift,  yummy Christmas dinner,  party and laughter everywhere; it's a good moment for us to enjoy with our family & lover, the best festival that I've love most, especially to Christians like myself - a special day that Jesus entered into human history that change our life.

I took this photo in Macau of May, 2011 ; there are many times for me to think of what post should it goes with? The mood it gives to me is a kind of "sad, lonely & blue" , but it also brings my remembrance of New Year,  those light bulbs hanging in front of western restaurant in the 60's-70's ; subtle, not eye catching, just a few of them... swinging in the air, waiting for a new start.

Sometimes, we may not be the guest of a fabulous Christmas party or can be gather with our family in front of the fireplace; but you can lit a few of these light bulbs into your heart, carry with them wherever you are, they can still bring you wishes and "40w" to warm you in this cold Winter - although a bit early, a small gift to you all, Merry Christmas !