The first phone call from heaven

Bookcover of The first phone call from heaven
The first phone call from heaven
A new book recently found...written by one of my favourite author Mitch Albom. This is the fifth book I've read and the same feeling as usual : heart touching, comfort ... plus a little bit of "X-file" decor this time.

A small peaceful town Coldwater has never be the same when the first citizen received the first phone call from heaven, her deceased mother; follow by the second, the third & so on...I think many of us is for sure will not believe this call but how will this lie created by someone that can tie up all people inside? Especially to Sully - who lost his wife, who wants to believe this so much therefore he can listen to her wife's lovely voice once again, but sadly in the bottom of his heart... he know this is a hoax.

It's a story about love, about we can't let go to whom we miss, about regret, a struggle between sense and sensibility.

Ready a cup of coffee, a quiet & cozy corner, start reading this book; trust me, once you've open it, you will finish up to the last page, enjoy :)