Life is Only One - Yoshitomo Nara

Poster of Life is Only One - Yoshitomo Nara
Yesterday I've introduced an exhibition about sound, today, I would like to talk about another exhibition that was introduced by my friend earlier in April, and is still on show until 26 July 2015 in H.K.

I must confess that I am not a fans of this artist, but I went to Admiralty by chance and remember this show was held nearby, so I went to have a look in a cold rainy day.

Life Is Only One - it seems a bit "serious" as I've original thought, by entering the hall after waiting outside for 15 minutes in wet air, a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere was suddenly echo around when a song was heard from a small room somewhere behind.

This girl -  I shall say is the artist herself being painted on raw materials, pure and sensation; message delivered touches life and death but in another way......through the eyes of a child......by the imagination and interpretation of the visitors.

Other media such as photography, sculpture and multi-media are also presented as part of Nara's work simultaneously. 

If you have a minute, go and have a walk, you may be inspired by this little girl.