Signal lamp in good old days
Creative works can be in team but most of the time, we are alone. Like many of other photographers, writers, sculptors, painters, designers...,etc. That's why we love the moment after mid night.

There is always another "world" for us to enter, once the shutter wide opened, writing paper and pen are ready, colorful acrylics are on the palette.....and, we are ready to be "Alone"!

Not everyone like this feeling, especially when we are not in good mood; but it definitely gives us an environment to have free thought, no burden, no reality, no right or wrong, just concentrate...so concentrate onto the next move, bit by bit, so quiet that it seems we are the only living creature at that moment.

I love to do editing of what I've shot in the day at night, too. When photos appear on the screen, they were framed not only the scenario, but the background "music", aroma, people and things happened around at that specific moment...now, "act" once again in front of me..."at Night" "Alone" !

You will be surprised to see there are much more other then what you've intended to capture, take your time, enjoy!