Minolta XD : My third camera

Minolta XD SLR camera
First of all, I have to apologize for your waiting to the review of my third camera, because it had already gone to somebody years ago, and that's why I need to find a photo online and thanks to WIKI.

O.K., here it is, my Minolta XD, actually in black. Yes! it's model no. is XD in Japan version :D

As far as I've remember I bought this in a kit set together with a standard lens of 50mm, which cost me a total of HK$1,600 something. My first 135 camera in almost 30 years ago; well, that's why there is no more "Minolta" today; but Konica Minolta. 

It's handy, rigid, easy operate, affordable price range that suits me as a design student. When I save enough money, I bought another Minolta zoom lens 70-210mm; followed by a Fuji 19mm wide....is that strange? Ha ha! 

As you know, wide angle is expensive but I do need one for my interior shot, and I was lucky because by the help of Ricketeer's friend who modify his second or even third handed Fuji mount to fit into my XD, Voila' !

1 Body + 3 Lens became my companion and partner for almost five years. So, they were my good memories of my "Good Old Days!" Thank you Minolta :)