Yes, we can !

The lady and the peacock - Aung San Suu Kyi
The Lady and The Peacock

Due to the Anti-extradition law movement in Hong Kong in this month, I've decided to re-read this book again, in deep; and seriously think of what the meaning of non-violence and peaceful demonstration should be. 

It may not appropriate to compare with what Burma and Hong Kong's political condition, but the mind set behind shall be clearly and in common - Democracy.

Freedom that everyone shall deserve to have, without Fear!

It's heartbreaking for every citizen especially the youth to experience this movement, as well as the pressure and hatred that being put onto the front line simply because of a wrong move of the decision made by our government. Could this be repaired?

By re-read this book, I think, 

YES! if only if we really want to, in a way of non-violence and peaceful way. 
May God be with us !