Rainbow Covenant 彩虹之約

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Whenever the rainbow appear after rain, time freeze... 

how beautiful she is...the beauty of nature...so amazing !! (people on earth)

Hallelujah !
The bow covenant between God and all living creature... God's forgiveness (Christian on earth)

'...And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all fresh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh. ' (Genesis 9 : 15)

darkness will be over one day, 
even it's long and intolerable...and 
there will be hope again !! 

(We! in Hong Kong 2019)

神說: "我與你們並你們這裏的各樣活物所立的永約是有記號的. 我把虹放在雲彩中, 這樣就可作我與地立約的記號了.我使雲彩蓋地的時候, 必有虹現在雲彩中, 我便紀念我與你們和各樣有血肉的活物所立的約, 水就再不泛濫毀壞一切有血有肉的物了...."  (創世記九章12-15節)

還記得早前在繪畫"神的創造"之後, 打算上一點顏色之際, 彩虹之約便即時呈現腦海之中.也許只源自顏色單純自然之美; 又或許是, 這個因人類敗壞之後, 在神的傷痛下被摧毀, 再重建, 被寬恕, 再被愛的應許; 使我懷抱着希望把色彩一點一點地擺上.

是神與人的復和, 也是人與人之間的復和; 此時, 被毀的才能有復原的希望.