The Tapestry Poem

I would like to share this with you, a wonderful poem selected by Pauline, our team member of "pastor Au + 7 pebbles" for a special study group  in our church.

"The Tapestry Poem"was originally written by Grant Colfax Tullar (1869-1950)
Then being shared by writer Corrie Ten Boom(1892-1983) in the title of "The Weaver".
This poem is so meaningful, being loved & broadly shared many many times; 
and I'm pleased to share it again in my blog, wish you like it, tooMy life is but a weaving

My life is but a weaving       我的生命
Between my God and me      是主與我編織的掛毯
I cannot choose the colors    我不能選擇顔色
He wealth steadily              主在編織引領
oft''times He weaveth the sorrow
Oft' times He weaveth the sorrow;    主常常編織悲傷;
And I in foolish pride                    我愚昧驕傲
Forget He sees the upper                 忘了主看到正面
And I the underside                      而我只看到底面
not til the loom is silent
Not til the loom is silent         直到織機無聲
And the shuttles cease to fly   機梭停止穿梭
Will God unroll the canvas    主會打開掛毯
And reveal the reason why     展現讓我明白看見
the dark threads are as needful
The dark threads are as needful      按照主的設計
 In the  weaver's skilful hand         深黑色的線
 As the threads of gold and silver    在熟練織工的手中
 In the pattern He has planned       和金銀線同讓需要
he knows, he loves, he cares
He knows, He loves, He cares;    主知道, 主愛, 主在乎;
Nothing this truth can dim.      這個真理從沒變.
He gives the very best to those   誰願順服祂主權
Who leave the choice to Him     主為誰留美好賞賜

P.S. - thanks Pauline for the beautiful translation so we can share with more others :D