Some year end review

 A few more days to go will end the year of 2022, usually it’s the best moment for us to review everything, including the content of this blog. 

We always wish we could concentrate into a specific genre of blog posts, so readers can search the content more easily and the  reading experience of this blog can be more unique & consistent, but unfortunately it‘s not the way we were. In reality, not all things are related to design : beautiful, attractive, creative, impressive…lots & lots of “pebble & stones” could ruin the scene (hopefully not :P).

Sometimes we did want to end this blog and start all over again but when we reconsider deeply, after years of building a whole new blog, the result may still be the same, because this is us,  the life of Cocoa, the implication of design, life of sweet & sour…as we shall say, what a complex but on the other hand fruitful. 

By trial & error, this is the 14 years since the first post was published in Coffeebreak, our former name…time flies. It seems we have to be truthful of what’s going on, but we are thinking of removing “Cocoa Fabric Store” “Cocoa Grocery” and “Bird Talk” ~ another way to simplify our “complicated life”, what do you think?