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  Cocoa - 可可, 一種我們既熟識又喜愛的飲料: 熱朱古力或熱唂咕可可豆經過發酵及加工後又會變為女士們最喜愛的朱古力. 這種代表著現今悠閒享受的食品,其實早在瑪雅時代已經出現,並於十六世紀中期由西班牙人帶入歐洲,加入糖調味後成為流行一時的美味飲品.大多數人都嚮往法國或意大利的生活文化,有品味,高格調,悠閒又瀟灑.其實在香港生活的我們也一樣可以藉著學會欣賞設計及感受週遭事物,從而獲得相同, 甚至更高的享受.                                       正如你在冬天拿著一柸熱辣辣的唂咕,                                      總能感受到那份溫暖和滿足一樣;                                      不須要在高級餐廳享用,                                           那管只是裝在一個舊瓷柸內,                                                                那種窩心的體會是不會改變的.......                                      這就是我們想藉這個網誌跟大家分享的生活態度了 
Cocoa - an all time favour hot chocolate drink, especially when it is being transformed into chocolate that ladies love most. Cocoa was originally brought to Europe by Spanish in the early 16th Century as a raw material; when sugar was added, it became a delicious and trendy beverage.Many people admire the living of French or Italian, as they think, it reflects the leisure, stylish, good taste of life style. In fact, we can also enjoy ours in Hong Kong if only if we know the tricks : feel with our heart to appreciate.Same as what you can feel the warmth that brings from a cup of hot cocoa in Winter, not need to be served in a high fashion restaurant, but in a daddy's old mug.This is the life style we want to share with you in this blog...the one that fits you most and can't be calculated by coins, what you need is simply to treasure what you are having at this moment.                                      .