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Hi, Hi!

There is always a lot to learn besides writing, but why not?! writer can't write 24/7, we need some rest and space to clear our mind, otherwise it got stuck, for sure :P

A newsletter or at least a Sale/New release notice is what I always wanted, so I spend some time recently to design one for my Final Autumn Sale before entering Winter. This is only a static notice, ha ha! because a lot more technical issue has to be prepared, so, hopefully you don't mind to go to the Oiseau Distrait Page with the bookshops link if you would like to get a discount copy.

Promise, a real subscription page for my books' newsletter will be completed before I forget :D 
Btw, it's time to return my writing desk. Happy reading !


Color of the Pebble"s"

Walking on the street in the Autumn of Paris, especially for the first time, I was truly impressed by the richness of color wherever I go.  

I’ve remembered some of my friends said, reasons for they didn't like Paris...yes, didn’t...were because of the old & deteriorated surroundings in some arrondissement; pebble roads that were difficult to walk on, some alleys are "dirty", people are "not friendly" with a sense of "pride", not safe after dark, pick pockets around, Paris is small...., etc, etc. (don‘t shout to me if you are an instant Paris lover, like myself :D)

Even though it‘s part of the truth except with reasons behind: history, cultural, multi-racial, interaction, mindset...they are the elements to form this city, bit by bit for us to explore.

By walking almost 90% within these 12 days, my feet did overloaded. I can take bus or train, of course but walking on pebble pave, to me, is enjoyable (without my luggage :P), one of my favorite activity here; they are extra beautiful after the touch of shower - Nostalgia romance I would say. 

Pebble alley after rain with low rise apartment around in Paris

Strolling around the “deteriorating” alleys with ancient buildings, stories behind, the color of memories...whether it’s sad or cheerful, it’s a mark, always. A mark of people who live or died, who gave or took, stay or left...and that’s how I wrote Palette October.


Coffee break today


Coffee Break Blog screen shot

Hong Kong is still hoisted in typhoon Signal 8 right now, a whole day long which is not a good time to stay outdoor, so I spend my time to polish my blog. 
I always want to install back the widget links of those blogs I loved to follow before, so I try to find them one by one through my previous Coffee Break blog links, a total 17 of them but only two are still valid. 
Most of them did start blogging early before in 2009 (also my first year of blogging), and most of them were using Blogger template in those years, they are simple and beautiful, like the one I had chosen. So, it was pretty easy to start writing blog in a good mood, I treasure those memorable days.
I am not sure whether I did tell you before, in the very beginning, Blogger didn't offer a custom domain like of what we are having cocoadesign.net, meaning, the only choice was something like coffeebreakbyprotowork.blogspot.com; I was a newbie and misspell "blogspot" to another word (better not say :P), so when I tried to introduce my blog in an e-platform, it was directed to a shopping site, resulting in not only embarrassment but  a really bad feeling to the group. The problem was, I couldn't find out where went wrong until Mr. Wasaweb (a top contributor of the official Google+ help community) pointed out my silly mistake, which was then solved.
I shall never forget that night when I was stuck into the mess, and luckily got the help of someone I hadn't met before but save my blog, this is one of the reason that I keep writing today.
It's been awhile I was disconnected to wasaweb's blog due to his transformation of the blog structure; but I am so happy that the re-connection is resume today, so I've decided reinstall my link list in this blog, even though I have to restart all over again, it's still worth to rebuild because one of my habit while writing for a new post, a "coffee break" beforehand, to read my favorite blogs. 
Feel free to click for a look,  you may like them, too. 
Happy Blogging :D

"Multi-color" link in October

multi-color tree leaves  in pink, green, yellow & purple in Paris
I had no idea I will write my ebook when I was in Paris, so the photos I took did not had specific intention besides the “beauty” that attracted me.

Usually we may have an idea of rotten dull or deteriorated shade that reflects in Autumn. When I‘ve returned home to review my photos, a much wider range of colorway were discovered, some are bright & refreshing which reminded my feeling when I was there... plein air (open air/ outdoor in French) and words flow into my head: nature beauty, God‘s creation, freedom, belief, hope, bonding, life cycle, decade & transform....

Roadside trees with Autumn leaves & low rise apartment in Paris
Due to geographic & culture difference, huge blossom tree/ greenery together with low rise buildings are easily found everywhere in Paris, plein air in another word. Hong Kong is quite the opposite, but what is the major core issue that is bounding us, the citizen who live in the city?!

Sometimes, I wonder for those frequent travelers or guru, as we say; after their millions & millions of travelling around the world, will they still prefer to live & stay in their homeland of where they were born at the very end? Even though it may be imperfect, cos’ there is always an invisible link, I guess...

Turning to another country to look for a better or more stable living could be a simple and reasonable act compare with staying to face the reality. But I‘m sure for most of the emigrants, they love their homeland so much & so deep that they just can’t tolerance the unexpected changes, that “hurt” to bleed, the only way out for them is not to face it. 

I've once told myself to leave behind of everything in Hong Kong in these 12 days, no whatsapp, no email, no phone calls, etc...I tried, it‘s difficult because the “link” never breaks no matter where I am ...and where you are!

May God‘s blessing be with you wherever you are!


Bird Food 雀粟


Over 90 book cover collage
自從離開校園(遠古時代:p)=離開教科書,反而開始喜歡閲讀,原因離不開是工作需要;設計書藉,月刊,工具書等。由於在專注修讀室內設計之前,花了兩年多的時間初探不同的設計類別,例如:平面設計、服裝設計、攝影、珠寶、舞台、產品、書法、篆刻…等等; 所以也同時會看相關的設計/美術書。在未有電子書的當年,可想而知我花了不少資源在當中,也是每一個設計人都要付出的;所以相對現今可以從不同電子媒體定期接收最新設計資訊,甚至遊走於世界博物館的藏品資料庫中,真是幸福啊!

漸漸地,亦受到 ricketeer 的影響,看不少散文以至後期的小説,fiction  & non-fiction ,而且越看越厚。我想,在消閒之餘,也能得着相當的知識;久而久之便享受到箇中樂趣及完成每一本書的滿足感了。


一直也很想為看過的書本拍張全家福(至2021年九月),今天在一個閲讀平台內總算整合到一部份(約1/4),看着這些美麗的書面,又"飽餐一頓"。希望在往後的日子,可以有一天完成整幅"虛擬書架"是自己定下的一個長遠目標 ~ 超級大滿足!


Palette October

Book cover of Palette October of Petit Paris
click to enlarge
October in Hong Kong is already in mid Autumn, in Paris, the weather is quite cold, usually there will be a 10 degree difference within day, say 2-4 degree Celsius at night & 17-19 in the afternoon.

In addition, you may experience a shower morning, sunny afternoon, windy evening & a star night or thunderstorm mid night…wow! never boring :P

Another eye catching experience is the richness of color palette easily seen along the streets & gardens. In Hong Kong, our space is limited, so even though there are trees but rarely flourish in the heart of the districts unless, we go to a more remote areas. 

The other major problem is pollution, trees are dull and liveliness in Autumn & are not easy to have multi-color species in our neighborhood. We don’t have space for the fallen leaves to lie down to enjoy their sun bath, they will be cleared every hour or so to free up the pedestrian pavement, so you know why I was so excited when walking onto those caramel /golden/ copper pink leave land, especially after rain…the best “perfume” I’ve ever had.

Palette October” will be one of the book in Petit Paris as scheduled, but there is some other issues that I would like to address through the cycle of this gorgeous nature phenomenon. I wish you will discover my hidden wishes from the ‘dialogue’ inside. 

May God bless us all on earth!


異鄉人 L’Étranger


Cover of L'E'tranger


好了,話說回來。原本要找的四本全部落空,其中一本找到了卻只有中文翻譯版,就是卡繆 Albert Camus 的異鄉人 L’Étranger。即使是翻譯書(例如:原文是非英語),可以選擇的話,我也會選英文而非中文翻譯,尤其台灣翻譯,看起來有點痛苦。但奈何,世事非盡如人意,每次在圖書館或書局內也只有看到這個中文版實體書,等了又等,今次決定借,即日看完,心中還是有些 50/50 的感覺。





我想…如果找到英文版,我會再看一次~這也是另外一個 50/ 50 的原因。


(麥田出版)譯者:張一喬 (台灣) 中文翻譯初版2009年9月 
異鄉人Copyright Editions Gallimard, Paris 1942
P.s. - Photo is the Chinese version from library.
         Book link is the English e-book version (The Stranger)