No risk no gain?

Restaurant city game screen shot
I am addicted to Facebook game after I discovered there is no point to continue invite or connect real friends, who you've actually will keep contact in your daily life. So I just concentrate to a game call "Restaurant City".

This is a game for operating a virtual restaurant or cafe, you can have bigger shop area with more staff by operating day after day to gain your virtual coins and level up. You will have to pay your staff by feeding them after working each 4 hours, you have to buy or exchange ingredients to cook your dishes; and the most attractive part is...you can shop and buy to decorate.

I am not surprise of how this game attracts so many people to play, that can fulfill their shopping wishes and cafe dream. Basically you will never lose and have no pressure to run this business, even if you do nothing and just online every day 24hours, you will gain your shop area and level up. In case you forget to feed your staff, they "died" but can "live" again whenever you feed them. So there is absolutely a risk free business. Will any of player gain an experience to open a cafe in the real world? I just wonder!

I won't play full day, as I do need to take a break from the virtual world and back to reality to face my real risk; but if you ask what do I gain? I can tell besides of layout practice and the pleasure, it will be patience and self control...I am sure you know what I mean.