One at a time

Vending machine of cold & hot drinks in Japan
Monday is always the most busy day of the week. I am a rush lady, when there are some tasks stuck up in my brain, I will get rush and want to finish them all at once. This is killing me, because my blood pressure will rise immediately follow with a quick heart beat, then I have to sit down and figure out what is really urgent that should come first in my schedule before I "died".

I have this bad habit since I had my career. The good side is I usually finish my task earlier than it should = rarely miss the deadline, which is very important to me as in the design field; but the truth is, actually I have enough time to finish one by one, rather then complete some of them simultaneously to increase my work load.

Worst of all, this bad habit affects my daily life,too. Say each Monday when I am back to my office, I will want to turn on all lights, copier, printer, air conditioner, server, computer, wash cups, boil water, charge mobile, check email, reading blogs, write blog, flip today's calendar, water the plants......all at once. I know it is insane and no need, but, I do have this feeling to push me through; now, I will take a break after turn on the light, take a big breath, act one after the other.

Although I have to force myself of having a more controllable work path, I do think this is a must, to learn acting one thing after the other. To gain a bit more time of thinking, a chance of changing to the matter which seems no hope; like standing in front of a soft drink vending machine, all sorts of drinks are there, even if you want more than one, you still need to purchase one by one. You may want to select another taste when the one just comes out from the machine, so why hurry to have two or three at the same time?