Cafe e Nata, Macau

When you want to have a cup of coffee, which cafe will you choose to enter, base on what? 
it's degree of well known?                                                                                                             interior atmosphere?                                                                                                                          no. of customers inside?                                                                                                                      coffee menu choice? 
pricerange?                                                                                                                                            or...? aroma                                                                  
This cafe is located in Macau, people's favor of...guess what, not coffee but their Portuguese egg tart.  The day when we were visited, very crowded, aroma of egg tart spreading in air, but the most attractive element was the shop itself and this signage, very vintage. Truly speaking it was not a fabulous design but it's eye catching, and created a perfect mood together with the tiny timber bench, stool and "tissue roll" setting in front. Well,  of course mosaic tile will always be the "green leaf" here in Macau.
It's interest to say that, people love coffee is more or less a bit sensational, even if this is not their usual act; but they are obsess to the feeling of freedom or wildness at that specific moment with a cup of coffee in hand. 
So, my conclusion and what actually did happen was, our internal sensation conquered the reality that leads us to seat down there, no coffee, just egg tart + watermelon juice ; no service, no atmosphere, no variety choice of coffee, no gimmick...but it's already free our mind as we were seating at the side walk cafe , enjoying our "special moment".

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