Mess Mesh "聰明"網?

Drying net from Japan

抱歉相片有點矇, 正如我用這件產品時的感覺一樣, 又愛又恨再加點迷惘. 不得不承認沒有做家庭主婦的材料, 這種可摺合式的乾衣網,對不少主婦來說是一個好幫手. 要陰乾毛衣或織物時, 可打開把衣物平放,掛於浴簾通或懸空放在浴缸邊上, 防止纖幼的衣料因用衣架掛起時下墜變形, 不用時又可摺合收藏; 但我想...究竟有多少用家真的會這樣摺摺合合呢?

因為這個由細網變大網, 再由大網變細網 (約縮少1/2) 的戲法是靠扭曲一個鐵線圈造成的, 方法請參巧上圖三步曲. 但事實上, 運作起來又不是如比輕鬆, 每次總給"反彈"數次才可完成摺合, 結果, 我還是把它完整攤開備用, 省卻再摺來摺去的"手續".

令我想起設計師設計這件產品時, 原意是很理想的, 尤其適合香港和日本等居住環境較擠迫的用家; 但礙於成本限制, 為要令成品不會脫離消費羣可負担的現實, 物料上的選用往往成為首個犧牲的項目. 說到底, 一件十圓八塊的產品, 也不應有太多要求罷!

This blur image is exactly of what my feeling while using this product, I love it's idea, reasonable thought of usage but always with a bit of frustration and messy; although, I must confess that I don't have the talent of being a good housewife.

It is a foldable mesh for drying delicate clothing in a flat position, to avoid stretch of the fiber when hanging by a hanger vertically, meaning to keep the clothing in shape. You can hook it along the shower curtain rail or just place it flat above the bath tub edges; it can be folded up when not in use according to the 3 steps as indicated above, the size will be reduced almost 1/2 of it's original. Truly speaking, it is a good design especially suitable for people living in crowded city like Hong Kong and Japan...but...

...in reality, due to the cost control, I think; it's not as easy as just twist the hard metal ring around to fold it up each time after use, without rebounds several times. I always wonder how many user will repeat unfold and re-fold while doing their laundry? To me, I just hang it 365 days unfold as a result.

It will be great if the metal ring can be modified by using a more soft & flexible material with adequate support and waterproof...hey hey hey...should we ask for too much to a product that only cost a few bucks? what do you think?