Coffee Cupping ???

coffee cupping event
剛剛收到一個電郵,是Hunter Douglas Designer Club 同 Caffe Habitu 搞一個Coffee Cupping 的通知.令我想起月初“拉衫尾”跟一位好友參加了人生第一次Cupping,足足搞了三個小時,除了覺得新鮮有趣,見識了不少之外,也令我更加肯定自己是BB班水準.



Just received an email from Hunter Douglas Designer Club, originally I thought it must be another new product launch or discount week...well, what a surprise of "Coffee Cupping" invitation! A talk presented by Caffe Habitu. This reminds me I did join one in early July, by a kind invitation from my friend, truly speaking, the very first time in my life. Thanks Julianna.

It took a total 3 hours time for this exercise, around 10 persons gathered in a small room full of coffee aroma, some were already a barista, some are red wine or coffee addict, fairly young but serious, compare with us two, ha ha ! a bit hea ! The lecturer was a young man who is going to have this professional qualification after some more examinations, cool!

Started by a brief introduction to coffee type & origin, followed by what is the meaning of Cupping, what are the basic aroma (up to at least 36 types), how to "feel" the behavior of coffee in dry & wet condition, what is the proper cupping manner, what are the concern of overall balance to dictate the final grading...etc, etc. A really professional era, I have to say.

If you do wish to taste "deeper" to your cup of coffee and know more in the coffee world, I shall highly recommend you to attend these Cupping gathering, which are quite hot and shall become more popular in Hong Kong now. 

And myself ? I tend to stay in my junior stage at this moment, to taste my "Hea" style coffee, because professional is professional, it must take time & heart to treat it sincerely.