May I have one, please?

miniature of japanese ramen stall
In Tokyo after dark, you can easily meet this kind of tiny mobile cart, usually they were operated by one chef; oden, ramen, deep fry snack...are what they've sold. They are "heaven" for late night pals especially in Winter time.

Tiny light bulb in paper lantern spreading a warm atmosphere all over this small corner, steam rises from hot dishes; chatting with the chef or even have a drink of hot sake is the most relaxing moment. Or, if you want to enjoy your private minute..."be my guest", this lonely stranger will sincerely prepare your food behind the scene.

This may not be a perfect job for most of us, it earns little, lonely, working late night, no prospect in most people's eye...but it keep oneself survive with dignity.

Wherever there is free air in the country, we can have our choice, there is no need to live in others measure or in another way round, being follow the majority below pressure. Will it be only a dream? to some country, Yes! If we don't have to live in threat, we are so lucky...and it's always my pleasure to have another night here.

May God bless Hong Kong.