Agfa Isolette III ...my first camera

As far as I've remember, up to now, I am using the 8th camera in my life and the one above is my first "lover", which was also my dad's partner in his good old days.

Agfa lsolette III - produced in 1951-1960,  made in Germany. It is a Compact Horizontal Folding Camera using 120 type Roll film, and this one was designed for 12nos. 6x6 cm roll film. Cast aluminum top housing, i.e.: a Post-War design....COOL !

My first roll of film was almost a "total lost". 

My father taught me all basic operation at the night before my first "date" with Mr. Isolette; the location was Lamma Island in Hong Kong. It was a sunny day, the scenery was awesome, even thought a black and white negative should did a good job. I shot seriously because I've only got 12 chances, ISO setting, exposure combination, framing, lighting...step by step and it took almost the whole afternoon for me to complete those 12 shots.

Then, what's next ?

My first Film Processing lesson : all tools and chemical were ready, unloaded the film in total darkness , while developing not even fixing........" OMG!!! Where are the landscape gone?" 

There was only one image appeared within the whole roll of negative! = film rolled unsuccessfully inside the the cartridge :( because I rolled too little from the beginning which didn't securely winded and this was my first photography "lesson" in my life . Ha Ha !

But truly speaking, l love this camera even though the first experience was a bit
embarrassing. Not only because of the overall design is so elegant, the shutter sound is amazing, mechanism of 100% manual operation is so attractive by only one careless move, you failed....

one of the breathtaking feeling that 
you will never have by using a digital camera !