Vacation is over

outdoor bar in Sai Kung
It's been almost one and a half years - such a long vacation from posting; sorry for leaving so long, but sometimes, you have to go... when you was stuck into something; life's changing, lack of inspiration, losing your mind...whether you are willing or not!

Same as design, even thought there are new technique, new material, new design firm, new client , new trend in every minute ...when you discover the circle was kept rotating but sucks...you have to go!

Simply leave everything behind, time will do it's job, not only to the matter but you.

Blogging is very interesting, when time pass by, it's not a matter of take it or leave it. Most of us imagined to earn a living from here sometimes before, or should say long time ago; but once you've found the great difference between a commercial blog or a really sharing blog, you will have to choose and face the reality. 

Blogging is very attractive, especially you can "almost" post anything you want, no instant reaction that will interrupt your next thought, just share generously. 

But Blogging is also very energy consuming if only if you write it by your heart......so let's see what's next :)