It began with STAEDTLER

Around half years ago, one of my student gave me ten numbers of these Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, simply because she learned from my lesson about 斷.捨.離 (a method invented by a Japanese of how to organize your stuff and refresh your simple life/mind), which had to be proceed prior to re-design the interior of her house...as a result, they are the "useless stuff" that needed to be cart away from her place.

At the very beginning, I just used them as another writing tool, but one day, I had another idea, how about this....
 I started to draw on some of my aging illustration board, well, it seems it's yellowish tint did match with these too blueish liner; so I drawn another one...

followed by 
another one
and another one...
...finally, I've got a series of landscape, ha ha :D 

They were put aside in my drawer for a while but one day , I had another idea, again...what if I edited these image by Photoshop to become these...

It looked amazing, just added a lit bit of mysterious, which suited our Twilight Zone series in Cocoa Grocery...so, another day, what I thought is...metamorphosis!


 Here is what I've finally got as my wish !
Blue Dye Garden floor pillow
 Yes! It was all started by STAEDTLER !


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