Our new move

New Cocoa Design Life LogoHi, you may have already received the warm greeting from  our new author Ms. Oiseau Distrait; a new friend of mine while traveling to Paris in October earlier this year.

If you are not new to this blog, you should remember we were borned 10 years ago, started by using the name of "Coffeebreak" - a very leisure blog,  photo & drawing being arranged in a "polaroid" format, talking about miscellaneous issues, "light" as feather :D

Then we've moved on to a more design oriented blog as "Cocoa Design Life", the one with a stool logo on an orange ground, still remember? More contents were added related to different era of design; as well as those experimental online Cocoa shops of fabric & grocery store, different departments such as library and pin board,...etc.

The coming year of 2020, we would like to spend more time on writing/drawing picture book. Originally we did consider to create another new blog but we do think a blog should has the ability to grow up with the author as well as their readers, like the transformation from Coffeebreak to Cocoa Design Life; so finally we've decided to make this move by introduce Oiseay Distrait to share of what she has discovered while "flying around" on earth, recording by write/draw or take a snap shot before she forget. 

We've fine tuned the color scheme and logo into a softer and calm tone, you are always welcome to grab a cup of coffee or cocoa, of course; while enjoying your moment here.
Hopefully you will love this changes and grow with us for another 10.....20....years.