Oiseau Distrait
Salut, every body, my name is Oiseau Distrait, you can also call me "Forgetful Bird" or "忘記鳥" in Chinese.

I love photography, painting and writing in my own "birdy" style. Ms.Antleeli invited me to join this blog early in October of this year,hmm...after my "deep" thought, I forget how long, finally, and is my pleasure too, to accept this invitation, so I am here!

I am not sure, but may be it's because of me, the logo and the color scheme have been changed; well, I will say not so design oriented but a bit softer, what do you think,love it or not?

It may take a little more time for me to familiar with the environment, hopefully I can start my contribution to this blog soon, Au Revoir :>