Magic moment at Tsukiji Market

Magic moment at old Tsukiji Market in Tokyo

It must be over 20 years of more, this photo was taken at the Tsukiji Market, our second visit to Japan; as far as I've remember, I was still using my Minolta SLR camera and this was scanned from my washed out photograph. 

When we arrived at around 7:00 am that morning, every workers had already finished their distribution work except some small shop like this one. We walked slowly and acted as quiet as possible to avoid disturbance, actually I was a bit disappointed while thought of nothing great would happened due to our late arrival, so I just looked around and wondering what were these guys still busy on?

Suddenly,  a beam of sun ray fell onto them in front of me, it was so beautiful...I just shoot without hesitation. 

Every time when I look at it, all my memories return...the huge high ceiling market, dark and wet, faint light bulbs in yellowish grey swinging above stalls, large or small; aroma of sea water mix with freshly scent of seafood, trucks here and there, noisy but energetic, so busy...and suddenly all gone......

It is still one of my favorite photo that I've ever took. I hope you like it, too.