Bird talk - First day in Paris

It’s almost 0600 when arrived Charles de Gaulle Airport, I must confessed that I am forgetful as well as a direction blind; after 13h in the air and finally landing, I needed an extra hour to find the way out from the airport to join my hotel driver... sorry to keep you waiting, Cary!

Although it’s only in mid October, the air was chilly; when we drove off from the highway into the street...so quiet in the dark, everyone was in their sweet dreams right now (it was not totally true when I was discovered something later ).

Hotel Le Relais du Louvre in ParisSparkling of traffic lamps, red & green, here & there; decorated by scattered yellowish spots from shops or cars...”Midnight in Paris “ was the film in my head. Wherever our car stopped, I kept staring to the far end of alley or the street corner, wondering if that mysterious car or person of 1920s would appeared in front of me......I love this city instantly, in my twilight zone!

Cary was so nice that she drove me through Cour carrée of The Louvre  for a quick glance before arriving hotel...I’d loved to treat it as my first gift received in Paris, merci.

Truly speaking, I did or at least should feel tired, and the checked in time was 1400, as scheduled, I had to stay outside for 5 hours, but...I did received my second gift, early checked in at 1100, hurray!

How about the third gift? I shared with you already Pont Neuf...fresh air ,breeze from the Seine; warmth by the beautiful sun & rich aroma of my double espresso, be my guest :)

I chose Pont Neuf (1e : Les Halles) to stay because of it’s walk-able distance to most of my favorite spots, to collect my museum pass from the Office de Tourisme de Paris, I’ve already in the next arrondissement 4e : Le Marais. Metro, bus or cycling could bring you anywhere, but I preferred walking, because Paris is one of the most beautiful & delicate city that worth to take my time to explore in detail.

Walking along the Seine was always amazing , seeing family & friends gathered for a Sunday picnic, someone relaxing in the moment of his/ her own; photographers, professional or amateur? who cares......tourist, of course, like me slowing down our momentum to receive the sun bath, absolutely free!

Dark fell quickly after twilight, to Parisian, it’s just the beginning of another happy hour. But I needed a rest ......now in my cosy room with my late night coffee at 2310, jazz music flowing in the air......