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Last post for Entrée Sortie is definitely the watercolor inside. Most of the museums I've been visited are located on the Right Bank, and they seems to be within distances from my hotel, but in fact, if you prefer to walk instead of taking metro, like me; you need a pair of super comfort shoes + full breakfast, I'll suggest. 

The most difficult decision is whether to have lunch even though, you need one indeed. But I always skip & replaced by fast food or apple because, the café will "drain" my time in the museum, and you will never never want to leave those relaxing café in Paris.

To fully utilize my Six(consecutive)days museum pass, a detailed plan is a must, but still, you'll have to alter your plan due to unexpected scenario; such as renovation or maintenance will temporary close a particular gallery, or a special exhibition may restrict your pass entry in ordinary situation...,etc.

Visiting museum is joyful and indulgence especially in solo, because you don't have any time limit or neediness to concern third parties' issue :P - but of course, the core is you enjoy being alone.

Let me tell you a secret, my original plan is to buy two Six day Pass, but fortunately I've decided not to over estimate of my power and I really need some time to digest/absorb the content.

To conclude my museum journey, I draw this map to share with you, when you follow my steps, I hope you can also share my happiness as well. See you :D