Free the "bottleneck"

Yesterday, I've decided to remove the price tag to Pont Neuf, my first book, i.e.: e-book version will be giveaway from now on. Why? well, just want to, while I am writing the 6th book, which is almost 50% of the whole Petit Paris series, I think it may be a good time to do so & make it.

Experienced writers advised newbie like me, there is always a bottleneck when you've written in the middle of the book, if you can overcome it, you will most likely to complete the whole; otherwise, may stuck and failed to finish at the end, because it's a lonely job & easily get frustrated.

Although I am writing in some what 30 to 60 pages of each only, it can be combined as one whole book, which is also my original idea. By dividing them into 12 mini books, there are some advantages indeed:

- I can reduce my pressure to complete a 600 pages book all in one time

- they can be written in separate topics to cover a lot more issues discovered in the trip

- less stress by extending the production time from one year to three as a whole, meaning I can    still have time to work on other jobs between the writing intervals

- to practice and improve my writing & drawing skill one after another 
  (hopefully it did work :p)

- Best of all : I can draw 12 different book covers - sounds amazing ?!

click to enlarge

In fact, I do need space for me to learn, review, revise & achieve a lot more improvement, which is the most valuable experience and enjoyable process as being a self published writer. 

I am looking forward to a date in 2022, December may be to complete this series, wish you can walk with me to the destiny of this petit journey!

p.s. - Be my guest to enjoy your Pont Neuf copy from Google Books or Apple books