Start from Point Zero

Notre Dame in Paris inside hoarding

I still remember the moment when I was watching the news in Hong Kong, one day just a month before my departure...

Notre Dame was on fire!

Originally I though it was some archived report, but NO, the nightmare is right NOW on 4 Sept., 2019. Followed by the faces of the citizens appeared on Tv, I feel their sadness, too... no one would or willing to accept the reality because Notre Dame, like many other heritages in France, she is unique & non-replaceable!

Notre Dame is a Gothic style cathedral built in the year of 1163, located in île de la cité of Paris. Bell tower above 400 steps, magnificent rose window, gorgeous ornate flying buttresses or the “mysterious” gargoyles; one of the largest 7800 pipes organ in the world, royal treasure collections...all are worth to visit; plus...

Point Zéro des Routes de France: the bronze star, the “kilometre zero plaque” which indicated the calculation starting point of road distance in France. Besides “Raft of the Medusa” in the Louvre, this is my second goal in this trip, but now, it’s vanishing, I do feel disappointed & trying to figure out what to do? cancel the trip? change my itinery? 

Experts expect a four to five years recovery is required, at least; so, I am thinking how about to go, say “hello”to her, bring her some“comfort” may be, or at least a blessing from Hong Kong... sounds great?

I am sure I’ll finally have my chance to complete my goal some years later, although the originality may not be the same, we can view from another angle, as my beliefs always; no matter what, it’s our choice to locate the Point Zero after all!

New release book - Point Zéro by Oiseau Distrait
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Cést parti ! 
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