My King James

King James bible with timber cover

Why King James Version and what is it? 
If you have one, by comparing with the following words, you will know what versions it belongs to.

For example:-  Genesis Chapter 1:1  
heauen (original Hebrews typeface) - 1611 version
heaven - 1769 version as well as in Modern English version

You can easily find the details in WiKi and also www.kingjamesbibleonline.org ; worth to check it out. Basically it can be known as:-

The King James Version (KJV), or
The King James Bible (KJB), or
(AV) The Authorized Version.

It is one of the most accurate English translation of the Christian Bible to be read in the Church of England under the authorized of King James, translated by 54 translators worked for 7 years. 

What I am having should be a 1769 standard version because 1611 version was using the archaic English language in the Elizabethan & Jacobean era; whereas the 1769 version is more “readable” and still reserve it’s poetic feeling with a flow of rhythm, so when you read out loud, they sounds beautifully.

Letter inside King James 1769 standard version bible


Some other words like: remoone (1611), remove (1769  and modern version) in Corinthians 13:2 
It’s quite easy to identify and of course you will also find a letter "To the most high and might prince James" at the front page of the bible, too.

Back of Timber cover King James bible with etching of Jerusalem wording

My King James Bible was a wonderful gift from my husband during his “flying” to Israel yearssss....before. The timber cover (walnut or sycamore may be?) is sooooo....special & human.
I choose to use the “ancient” verses in KJV for the highlight im my Point Zéro which are exactly what I wish my reader could read them loud to enjoy the "classic breeze", that’s why here they are, I hope you’ll love it! Enjoy!

P.S.: stain inside page are due to deterioration only.