Mount Fuji - Toilet Paper roll


Japanese toilet paper roll, coffee sticks, cotton bags, handcream  souvenirs

What a wonderful sunny day in Hong Kong, and  Happy Friday as well, it's a good afternoon to write another post, I guess. O.K.,let's see what I've got in my photo library...A Fukubukuro !! (not include the small kitten behind :P)
Actually this is a mixture of souvenir selected by one of my best friend years before. I call it DIY Fukubukuro - in Japanese of a "lucky bag" 福袋. As you may know, every New Years or (any time of big sale) in Japan, department stores will prepare this kind of attractions to customers; of course, they may not know the content at all, say for a 3000 yen fukubukuro you paid, you will be in surprise of what you've got inside, most of the time the value is over 3000 yen, is it a lucky blessing to the start of a good year? 

Well, back to my lucky bag, they are wonderful and lovely, the one I would like to "present" is...Mount Fuji toilet paper roll!!! 
package of the toilet paper roll with fuji mountain presenter illustration

Let's start to unfold it, to see what's inside?

please continue to roll down.....

back side of the paper package with another cartoon illustration of the presenter walking up hill

the paper roll inside with printed data & illustration in roll form

Yeah! here it is...the knowledge you should know about the famous Mount Fuji, isn't it amazing ?!
unfold of the paper roll printed with illustration of 5 knowledges of fuji mount you should know
I know this post is going to be "long", because I tried to combine the 4 photos I've took as one to give the real face of the unfolded toilet paper roll. 
I don't know Japanese but base on the illustrations and "Kanji", the knowledge are mostly related to the type of volcano - an active one, the last eruption time; the shrines above in ancients time; lowest temperature on the mountain, and the temperature for the onsen (hot spring) which is suitable for you to prepare your delicious Cup noodle; also the sometimes there will be landslide...interesting!
Imagine having this toilet paper roll in you bathroom, so much fun while...:D
But I will absolutely place it in my living room for my guest as well as reserved one for this post.

Thank you to Jessie, always enjoy your souvenir,
Arigatōgozaimashita !