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New Cocoa Design Life LogoHi, you may have already received the warm greeting from  our new author Ms. Oiseau Distrait; a new friend of mine while traveling to Paris in October earlier this year.

If you are not new to this blog, you should remember we were borned 10 years ago, started by using the name of "Coffeebreak" - a very leisure blog,  photo & drawing being arranged in a "polaroid" format, talking about miscellaneous issues, "light" as feather :D

Then we've moved on to a more design oriented blog as "Cocoa Design Life", the one with a stool logo on an orange ground, still remember? More contents were added related to different era of design; as well as those experimental online Cocoa shops of fabric & grocery store, different departments such as library and pin board,...etc.

The coming year of 2020, we would like to spend more time on writing/drawing picture book. Originally we did consider to create another new blog but we do think a blog should has the ability to grow up with the author as well as their readers, like the transformation from Coffeebreak to Cocoa Design Life; so finally we've decided to make this move by introduce Oiseay Distrait to share of what she has discovered while "flying around" on earth, recording by write/draw or take a snap shot before she forget. 

We've fine tuned the color scheme and logo into a softer and calm tone, you are always welcome to grab a cup of coffee or cocoa, of course; while enjoying your moment here.
Hopefully you will love this changes and grow with us for another 10.....20....years.


Oiseau Distrait
Salut, every body, my name is Oiseau Distrait, you can also call me "Forgetful Bird" or "忘記鳥" in Chinese.

I love photography, painting and writing in my own "birdy" style. Ms.Antleeli invited me to join this blog early in October of this year,hmm...after my "deep" thought, I forget how long, finally, and is my pleasure too, to accept this invitation, so I am here!

I am not sure, but may be it's because of me, the logo and the color scheme have been changed; well, I will say not so design oriented but a bit softer, what do you think,love it or not?

It may take a little more time for me to familiar with the environment, hopefully I can start my contribution to this blog soon, Au Revoir :>


Simple wish 04

We listen no more
but ourselves...
since when ?!



Simple Wish again

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These are what we need!


Simple Wish

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Justice !

These are what we want!



今天突然想起五年前的一幅相片, 2014年的十月......

 今年, 2019年的六月,至今......

室外風和日麗, 在中秋過後氣溫仍然如炎夏;但在不少人心中, 此刻卻活在暗淡無光的黑夜,彷如沒有盡頭的寒冬.

昨晚在電視螢幕中一名中學生說"如果唔繼續落去, 會對唔住之前犧牲嘅義士, 我哋冇得返轉頭......"

穿着校服的她, 即使樣貌被保護而看不見, 但憑說話的用字及語調, 是如此純真、堅定、無悔…無奈! 再一次, 令我心痛!

人權、和平、自由、公義, 從來都是理所當然地存在卻又非必然. 權力慾望、暴力、放縱、自義, 可以在頃刻之間取代以上一切. 這豈是單單存在於暴政濫權者之中, 而不也是同時存在於我們每個人的心中呢.

當我們認為前景是沒希望, 非我所願, 甚至敗壞到不能回轉之際; 人民甘願放棄一切去挽回, 尤其年輕一代, 這是崇高的舉措但, 我不禁要問自己多一次: 真的是一絲希望, 一點可能也沒有嗎?以致要在自定的限期內, 取得一切成果?! 良久, 我仍未能找到可以說服自己的答案.

為此, 我翻看書籍, 要想得知“義士和公義"的真意. 我由看新聞而轉向看直播; 不查看臉書之類的社交平台, 不轉發友人給我的所謂真相, 目的只有一個:自行判斷! 並以神所定的公義為準則.

侷部資訊夾集發放者的憤慨或利益, 會使人難於用理智去思考和判斷是非黑白, 尤其並非處身事發當中的人就更困難· 過份的恨意會產生偏見, 正如過份的憐愛也會產生盲從附和一樣. 也許這正正是成立獨立調查委員會的重要性.

或許當我們能靜下來, 即使是一刻鐘也好; 重新思想究竟要爭取的是什麼?

五大訴求: 可以爭取完一樣才緊接第二樣嗎? 即使時間稍長, 讓政府一次屈服一樣, 會可行一點嗎? 反正我們想要個結果罷了! 此刻應是成立獨立調查委員會.

還眼?:我想不是真的還眼罷?! 只要成立獨立調查委員,得知真相, 以法律判決便是了, 我們總不能因着要對抗惡者而令自己變成同類罷! 所以…

“叫人死全家" 又或 "x%#@yz"又或其他言語暴力, 再演變成行為暴力, 其實是毫無意義的; 很難想像把一個追求公義的運動和這些連結在一起. 因為在我們開始不自制而慢慢與惡者的行為相像時, 真正可以殺人的壞份子便乘虛而入, 這非任何人想見; 既然如此, 這個缺口有必要堵塞, 難道我們做不到嗎? 還是不願意去做呢?

此刻, 我發現: 有希望/冇希望、自由/不自由、割蓆/不割蓆、藍絲/黃絲、公義/自義…



自然地, 你會發現, 前面仍有光可見, 有路可行, 你是可以選擇的!