Simply Ramen

RamenAfter a long walk in the busy district "Kichijoji", we are exhausted. An aroma attracts us to follow street by street and shop by shop......finally we come to here 蔥太郎 -a Japanese ramen shop.
Is this bowl of "Mr ramen" nice looking? not only this, but really yummy with a touchy feeling.
Whenever you feel dry, lack of power, or anything feeling worse than these,

! Go to grab a big mouth of ramen with a spoonful of hot soup, feel the sincerity of the chef's belief in making simply a bowl of ramen, you will be grateful with full power and ready for the next move !

P.S. - There was once a ramen shop in Hong Kong that gave me a great support whenever I needed a refreshment. But one day in last year, the touchy feeling was gone forever when the chef went back to his home town. Miss your ramen so much ...清水師傅.


Patrice said...

Ramen noodles...YUMM! lol

antleeli said...

Patrice S, Welcome on board!

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