Marshmallow Sakura

marshmallow sakura in the park of japanAs a foreigner, we don't always have chance to see the blossom of sakura in Japan, especially at the end of April. We were so lucky to see these picture in reality inside a park of Tokyo that year. The first impression to me was : Wow! incredible, what a "marshmallow trees !" They just look like those marshmallow in white, pastel pink, blue, green (even in purple nowadays) which we did taste when we were kids.

Hong Kong is a small place, earning living was difficult in those day when we were young; it was a luxury for us to have marshmallow which could only be found in department store or theme parks.They were "deluxe" not only because of it's cost or specially located, but the time that our parents could spend with us to share this joy.

When I grown up, these colourful marshmallow become popular again, and can be found any where in Mongkok. I was so excited to buy one and finished it within seconds......but it's not the same anymore. Is the taste different? No, quite the same; or due to it's value? may be, it cost little and easy to find, that we don't feel so treasure ?! But the most important is, I am not with my parents at that moment......I miss my childhood.

I think the only way is to take a break, spend some time with our parents, having chat time, T.V. hours or even a short morning breakfast, knowing that the time we can share together is becoming short; be their "kid" again, you will remember that moment and keep to the bottom of your heart even they are not next to you some day.