Virtual, Virtual, Virtual

neon sign at night time in tokyoDo we really need to be a different person, just escape from the past? make new friends? to new places? join new groups? new hobbies? so we can have new life? really a total new life and new me?

I've get lost when I began to get in touch with some of my over 10 years friends in the virtual world this month, although the network of connection seems so close and easy, I can't "reach" them any longer; they are far outside of my memory, I don't know who they are, it's so sad!

Have you discovered that, in one sudden day, some of your friends who used to be working/studying or playing with you so close, chat a lot from day till night; having similar thoughts, both of
you will shout to the same boss ......when time pass by, you no longer recognize them, they seems as strangers, so bad and so sad!

It's seems they just don't want you to be part of they life anymore, which reflects the old him/her; or truly you don't really have any good to them besides bad memories, this may be the fault of our own?! may be ......yet so true.....

Could friends be real and forever? I think, yes! if you are true to them, you should get at least one out of ten who can treat you in the same way. Too optimistic? then one out of a hundred (if you've got this many) and it should worth to live in a real you.

Being in the virtual network, I could not ask for any from my virtual friends, when I take a break from "my lost", I learn to relieve from anything that have no return with no regret; but treasure to those just right next to you, no matter in virtual or real life.