Can we survive?

We all once dream to leave our parents, have a place of our own, a totally free and private area that we can enjoy our freedom.  

But when face of the reality, we can only gain a small space in high rent; we have to do our daily laundry, cleaning, maintenance, cooking...,etc, etc. All power goes to bundle of human issues, company politics, day and day traveling, leaving behind is an exhausted body sitting in our super mini apartment in front of our one and only one window.

What a difficult life? Is this what we want? 

Take a break, grab a cup of coffee and sit down, look around...I think, Yes! even this is not a luxury place, it is my tiny space that allow me to make my dream, to work hard for achieving my goal. I still can find a corner here to escape from hurt or sad......even it is not luxury.

Life may not be the same as those in fairy tale, but it is so real for us to experience...starting from our "dream corner".