Shanghai Lawson

Lawson convenience store
In my memory, it's not easy to find a proper 24Hr convenience store in China, most of those so call convenience store are actually local store selling cigarette & wine, very dark without air conditioning, with one local people sitting in the dark & smoking behind counter. You have to pay extra attention to what you want to buy is what you've got. 

I had this experience in Dalian before, I was tired after leaving the site, the sky had already dark; I was hungry and very cold on the street, I need to buy my distilled water before I got back to the hotel to have my dinner; so I rushed into a convenience store instead of a supermarket (not close to my area)......of course I failed, when I looked closer to the brand name in my room, it's something else, but the package was almost the same. This was due to my 3 mistakes = too rush, too lazy to find a supermarket and too concern to use a torch.

So, when I discovered "Lawson" in Shanghai, you can imagine how excited I was. Yes, I am sure it is a franchise operation from the original one in Japan, because when I walked in, the arrangement was quite the same; neat and tidy, with oden near entrance, magazine zone and quite a lot of mini size convenient product.

Did I buy anything? Yes, one 3in1 Nestle coffee pack. Anything else? No, because this store has adequate lighting, so I know what I want to buy is not what I've got, except the one and only one brand Nestle coffee.