Prince Bear

Prince Bear & the black cat
Hello! I am Prince Bear, I used to live in my palace with my parents, but recently I move to live with some of my friends, you guys may know them, Hea hea :) If you wonder why? it's simple, just live as a normal citizen, that's what every prince or princess will dream of.

It's not as happy as what you think to be a prince, although you have so many servants to serve you, nothing actually needs to be worried about, especially in terms of materials. You can do what you want (in a boundary), play or sleep whenever you wish; every body obeys you...that's the problem, you see : YES man!

While we grow up, we need advice, lots and lots of advice; not only when facing choices or difficulties, even during heart breaking and lost. If every body around us only provide the best living with a sweet mouth, it's not the real life that we can face in the future, it's not true, I don't like this.

I need someone who can direct me with their experience, telling me what I did wrong before I hurt somebody that may never has a chance to remedy.I need friends as my guidance or telling me that I should wait for a bit longer, think deep before act. Here they are, TRUTH and be TRUE to me, that's what I want and love, there is nothing in the world worth to exchange with a true friendship. I've got four, how about you?