A scene of The pursuit of Happyness _ father & child
You may easily recognize this photo is from the film of "The Pursuit of Happyness", one of our recommended film. I am not going to tell you the detail, I hope you can take a break from your work, watch and feel it by yourself.

Happiness - something abstract, can be easily reached; but can also be so apart which seems we don't know each other. The "happyness' that Will Smith come across here  is nothing to do with luxury or desire; but simply SURVIVE. Why is it so difference? so touching, even though we may not have the same experience......

because at the bottom of our heart, we did have the same scenario, some days, some times before - to die for something. Do that "Happiness" still here? or just gone within seconds? hours? days or months?

There are different level of happiness, I believe; to have a long lasting or a most touchable one, will be the total sacrified of our own for somebody we treasure, without calculation of reward or lost.

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