Best Business Hotels 2011 - Wallpaper magazine

Hotel with stunning sunset view
Best Business Hotels 2011 - Wallpaper magazine

原本預備了一篇關於書的文章, 但剛剛收到Wallpaper update, 發現了這個連結, 這是其中一幅吸引着我的照片, The Waikiki Edition, Hawaii 很想即時飛去那裏, 望着如此迷人的景色, 喝柸咖啡, 滿足矣!

推薦大家抽點時間欣賞內面共160幅照片, 來自不同國家的商務酒店, 香港的Icon 及 Ritz Carlton 也入選. 雖然我覺得並非每一間的室內設計也處理得好, 但卻有不同風格及設計原素可供細味. 

其中比較得我歡心的除了上圖Waikiki Edition 之外, 還有Soho Beach House, Miami / Mondrian Soho New York 及 Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris. 你又喜歡那一間的設計呢?

Originally, I am preparing a post talking about "Books", but just received an update from Wallpaper Magazine which links me to this attractive photo, an hotel interior of "The Waikik Edition, Hawaii". Wow! I wish I could fly there immediately to enjoy my espresso under such amazing sunset.

If you have a minute, highly recommend you to take a visit at the above link, 160 photos of business hotel from different countries , including Icon & Ritz Carlton from Hong Kong. Well, although I have to say not each of them are stunning, they have varies design style and elements that are still worth to taste.

Besides of Waikiki Edition, Soho Beach House, Miami / Mondrian Soho New York and Le Royal Monceau- Raffles Paris are also my favorite, how about you, which one you like most? Enjoy!