Simple Elegance

Black package with decent golden calligraphy of a spa set

第一個印象:你認為這是什麽? 小說封面? 酒店目錄? 咭片? 請柬?.......她, 是一個小禮盒.

半光啞油黑色暗地紋, 配燙金商標及字體, 感覺很有皇室feel, 高貴又帶點神秘感. 估估內裡放了什麽東西? 又估估是那一個國家的產品? 男仕或女仕用品? 價值多少?

A novel cover? A hotel guide? A name card or an invitation card? what is your first impression to this image?....she is...a tiny gift box.

Semi matt finish surface with subtle graphic, plus gold foil stamping logo and typography, to create a royal feel, as well as a mysterious elegance. Guess what is the product inside? from which country? For ladies or men? How is the price range?

massage oil together with wooden massage tool inside box
開估, 是由泰國製造的按摩油香芬禮盒! 男女合用, 送禮自奉皆宜. 盛恵港幣約350元.

Simple Elegance - 產品的包裝設計可以簡約如無印良品(Muji), 又或複雜如國產十二星伴月金裝豪華月餅禮盒. 但要設計得宜, 簡單又高貴, 配合產品價值, 甚至可略略令產品所帶出的感覺提升, 這就是一個好例子.

紙盒包裝卻有高質數印刷, 商標清楚字體優雅, 內面沒有多餘的裝飾紙, 優質膠樽裝着香油跟造型有趣又富地道氣息的按摩棒放在一起, 被蛋黄色珍珠面的底咭襯托着, 清新大方. 我想, 這件產品絕對有資格登上可可設計榜, 你認為呢?

... it is a massage oil package made from Thailand, for either sex, suitable for personal use or as a gift, around HK$350.

Simple  Elegance - Product design can be as simple as Muji brand, or as complicated as China made "Super deluxe golden brand 12 stars moon cake gift box". But what we are talking about simple and elegant, an appropriate design package to the product itself, may be with a slightly upgrade to the overall branding impression that brings to the user; this is an excellent example.

Simply a carton box with high quality printing technique, nice and neat to distribute the logo and text; no layers and layers of decorative wrapping sheets. A clear crystal plastic container for the oil itself, together with the massage stick which brings out the relaxing local culture; quieting sit onto a "golden yolk" backdrop - casual and fresh. I am sure I have no doubt to add this product into our Cocoa Billboard, agree?