Book store? 此情不再

Bookstore on Shanghai street long time ago
也許失去的東西總令人懷念, 貼滿招紙的大石柱, 重量十足的鉄趟閘, 用木衣夾吊起一本一本舊雜誌, 不知第幾手的舊小說,  爛竹籮內各式其式的讀物; 伯伯用來休息的舊籐椅......

曾幾何時, 每逢假日店舖休息之際, 總會在街上見到這類舊書攤, 真是環保生意的始祖. 是昔日多些人愛閱讀? 還是生活較簡單, 可以騰出多些時間去享受書中樂趣?

Facebook, Twitter, Myspace... 令我們這一代可足不出戶和朋友聯系着. 同樣e-book, online magazine 亦使我們不用手持一本實體書, 便可以從網上閱讀來自世界各地的小說雜誌. 如果你只可以有一個選擇, 你會保留實體書還是網絡世界上的電子書呢?

很難選擇罷! 一本印刷精美的書刋, 紙質的觸感, 油墨的立體感是電子書不能替代的. 但相反電子書的龐大書庫所提供的選擇性和方便程度, 卻又遠遠超越前者. 可能重點並非在硬件上, 但求有多些朋友肯花時間去享受一段文章或幾篇創作, 用那個渠道並不重要, 因為我想, 只有肯閱讀並思考的人, 才經歴得起現今時代急速的變遷.

A vanishing scenery in Hong Kong, second, may be triple hand book/ magazine sale outside shop on an old street. What we've missed are those antique stone ad post, heavy metal sliding gate, their special display method: product hung up by wooden clothes clip or just loosely drop inside a torn basket, plus the "coffee break" rattan chair aside...

This kind of mobile book store was nothing special in the old days, they were the real master of  the recycle industry. I wonder whether we, people had more leisure time to enjoy reading the day before we crash into our massive media source from the internet world?

Facebook, twitter, Myspace...bring us to our friends within seconds, same as e-books, online magazine, how long have or haven't you been visiting a real book store? or, buy a real magazine? If you can only have one choice, you will go for a book in your hand or a virtual one?

Too difficult to choose? the personal touch of paper & printing from a good quality book/ magazine are non replaceable, but on the other hand, the infinity source and convenience that we can get from electronic world are also attractive. I think may be it's not the matter of how we read, but keep Reading ! take time to read a great article, enjoy and being inspired; to conquer the rapid change of the world avoid being drown.