Picasso and a bird?

Monochrome bird by Picasso 有人見過呢隻鷹嗎?一隻我覺得好有型嘅鷹!線條簡單,雙目應該係單目有神,有堅定信念,有目標...卻又帶點傻氣. 雖然你不一定有同感,但或多或少會有些感覺罷?!為何如此簡單的圖畫卻令人有所感染呢? 除了是大師作品(右下角寫明,但不知是否屬實),又或是純粹本人亂嗡之外,我想關鍵在於看的人是否懂得去感受欣賞.試從這隻鷹開始,別讓身邊接觸到的事物輕易溜走,當你嘗試去理解多一點,感受多一點,多一點的時候,不知不覺間,你便會慢慢有個人體會,而不再人云亦云.藝術,設計...其實並非什麼高深哲學,只需要學懂生活,任何人也可享受箇中樂趣。

I wonder anyone see this "bird" or "eagle" before? To me, I think "he" is very cool. What a simple line figure, sharp eyes  eye full of power & faith, seems he knows what will be his destiny...plus, a touch of cute. Well, you may not have the same thought of mine, but at least you shall have your own interpretations.

Why could a simple picture like this do touch our emotion? Is it due to the superior technique of the famous artist (at the lower right hand corner, not sure whether it is real or not)? Or simply because of my  nonsense expression? I think the key is the audience ourself, the one who with or without the ability to feel and appreciate.

Start from this little bird, don't let things passes by as usual, take time to feel a little bit longer, touch a little bit deeper and appreciate a little bit more...... when time goes by,  we will have our own interpretation, our own thinking pattern that don't need to follow others. 

I've always say, Arts & Design is not rocket science that anyone should be able to enjoy what they brings to enhance our life, if only if you know how to live.