White Sakura

Sakura in Chongqing
February is going to end in a few more days, what follow is March, April......and the blooming of sakura.  I wrote a post before marshmallow-sakura in Coffeebreak, which was talking about the colorful marshmallow look sakura in Japan, this time, the one here is locate in Chongqing, China.

White on white, a totally different atmosphere, but was still amazing when I found it hidden in a residential area, just in the gap between two buildings.

Chongqing is a valley,  the weather is moist & cold in Winter, super hot in Summer. In February, it is still misty with rainy patches, when you walk on the street, you will see everything are covered by a veil, you will never know what is in front of you unless the mist is gone. So mysterious, uncertain and sometime "lost", "White on white" - can be easily out of our sight, but if you keep your sensor open, more surprise is waiting for you.